Lavender Roses

What’s this? A bunch of gray haired women over 50? What can they possibly have in common with me, you might ask. Please keep reading.

One way creativity shows up in my life is through my lesbian theater troupe, Lavender Roses Readers Theater. This nine member cast has been performing for spiritual and secular communities in and outside of California since 1993. Our message is one of unity through diversity. Please keep reading.

With a large measure of humor and music, and a dance number or two, we share through our personal stories our similarities, differences, and the joy and challenges we’ve experienced and as we explore our spirituality as lesbians in the New Thought Movement (our branch is Religious Science, a non-denominational metaphysical philosophy that holds that the Divine is in all things). Please keep reading.

In one of our songs, we address the question, what can Lavender Roses possibly have in common with me:

“We are lesbians, homosexuals; we’re dykes, we’re queer, we’re gay.
We may be working class, or professionals, or struggling to find our way.
We may have a mate, we may have kids, and in many ways it’s true—
We are more alike than different, we and you.

We all have fears, we all cry tears; we all have hopes and dreams.
We value family, spirituality; to all of us it seems
That diversity in community is a unifying way
To honor Spirit’s presence each and every day.”

A past President of the Board of Trustees of CSLSR stated, “I can personally acknowledge Lavender Roses for the good they have done in the community and the thought provoking message they bring that is needed by so many. As I watch them perform, my heart swells with pride and laughter; then tears come as I listen to the stories of growing up and living life from a viewpoint different than the mainstream.” S.S.

If you’re interested in booking a performance, please contact Joan for further information at

And to all my sister and brother Pagans, HAPPY BELTANE!