Affirmations and Fortune Cookies

I’m an avid reader of a friend’s blog, Life in Z-D (check out the link). This week she wrote about the use of affirmations. I’m a believer. My refrigerator door sports slips of paper and magnets with phrases like, “You are here for a reason,” “You can do it,” You are a magnet for peace,” and my favorite, “You are a unique expression of the Divine.” On occasion, I been known to avail myself of a Tarot reading, a Rune throw, or a Medicine Card pull. I’ve worked with psychics and those who channel other entities. My belief is, all roads lead to Mecca.  I’m also a Virgo, which comes with a slice of healthy skepticism which I prefer to think of as a tool for discernment.

Having finished a sumptuous dinner of dim sum, prepared lovingly by my two friends and myself last Saturday, we succumbed to packaged fortune cookies with our green tea ice cream for dessert. Now usually, I take those fortunes with a grain of salt, and a big laugh. Like the one that read: You’ll take an ocean liner cruise and meet the love of your life. I don’t think so. After a brief boat ride in Belize out to a prime snorkeling spot, I realized that I’m prone to seasickness. One is unlikely to meet the love of one’s life while heaving over the railing.

This night, however, that little white piece of paper contained the words: A big fortune will descend upon you this year. Well, okey dokey, then. I can turn that into an affirmation, say it everyday, then just get out of the way and let it happen, right? I mean, it has potential. I am hoping to launch my first novel this summer. It could be a success. I taped the slip of paper with those optimistic words I will now affirm on my refrigerator door, along with the others.

Uh oh. Here comes that Virgo-thing, stirring up trouble. “Yeah,” it says, “fortune landing upon you might also mean you could be hit by a Brinks truck. Money descends in all sorts of odd ways upon people.” Geez. “Or, what about an insurance settlement for totaling your car or getting maimed?” Enough already.

Let me rephrase that: A big fortune will land upon me this year, bringing joy, peace, and mental and physical well-being. Okay, Virgo—have a go at that one.