My Suitcase

Two little words around which I came unglued, and that offered me a new perspective on life. Of course, there’s a story—perhaps one you won’t … [Read more...]

It’s Always the Last Place You Look

Well, how stupid is that, anyway? Of course it is; why keep looking after you’ve found something that was lost? I’ve never taken any comfort from … [Read more...]

Open Window

I saw Alice in Wonderland last weekend. It was sort of a metaphysical-mythological-shamanic journey on acid (well, with the 3-D glasses anyway). Not … [Read more...]

More Vacation Spillover

At many points during our week in a third world country, I came face to face with my ethnocentrism. Sometimes I forget I have it. The first time I … [Read more...]

Belize Adventure

Vacations are great inspiration for potential stories. For instance, I just got back from Belize with friends Trudy, Joan, and sister Sus. We flew … [Read more...]