When the temperature is unreasonably cold (to a weather- wimp like me, that’s anything under about 70 degrees), I forgo my bicycle due to the … [Read more...]

A Short Course in Dyslexia

I’ve written several posts on my “delightfully dyslexic” brain. I fully respect those who struggle with more severe dyslexia and find no … [Read more...]

The “Up”-side of Dyslexia: WIPES CLOG DRAINS

My brother, ever the jokester in our family, sent an e-mail about a bumper sticker he’d read: Bumper sticker of the Week: Humankind – Be Both … [Read more...]

Play Time

Tension mounts as my editor and I make final decisions about layout and design. So many little details required to bring a manuscript into publishing … [Read more...]

Keepin’ Those Plates in the Air

It’s January already, and I’m feeling the pressure of writing a new blog entry when my mind is in a zillion different places. A friend sent this … [Read more...]