Author Bio

Jo Lauer is a psychotherapist in Sonoma County, California. Her articles and essays have appeared in “Sacred Hoop,” “Psychology Today,” “Journal of Clinical Activities, Assignments & Handouts in Psychotherapy Practice,” “Tiny Light,” “Moondance,” “GRIT” magazine, “In The Family,” and  “Sonoma County Women’s Voices.”

She has published two novellas, Waltzing with the Azaleas, and Sojourner. Her story, Quilt of Souls, appears in the Vintage Voices 2010 Redwood Writers Anthology, Words Poured Out. Her essay, She, appears in Potpourri For and About Women (2010). Her novels, An Unlikely Trio and Best Laid Plans, and her collection of stories, Returning, can be found on Amazon.

Her essay, “Oak Tree Intermediary,” was performed by Petaluma Readers Theatre.

She can be reached by e-mail: