Start Where You Are Today

Today, I’m feeling soggy—absolutely done-in by days of unrelenting rain. It’s the kind of weather that could bum me out if I let it There’s a … [Read more...]

From the Other Chair

I write a lot of stories that are motivated by my life and experience as a therapist. It’s an odd job. It occurs to me that unless you are a … [Read more...]

You Can Find Anything at Costco (story relayed with permission)

At a recent gathering of women, the topic of relationships came up. A woman told about the ending of her long term relationship and how she didn’t … [Read more...]

I Am Addiction – Anonymous

A client brought me the following essay. She found it on the internet—author unknown, or I surely would have gotten permission to reuse it. I am so … [Read more...]

Waiting for the Other Shoe

One thing I’ve noticed about the human condition is that we spend an abundance of time and energy on anticipatory dread—worrying about those … [Read more...]