Some Thoughts on Bicycling

It wasn’t a lie, exactly. When my physician asked me how much exercise I get a day, I said I usually bicycle or walk daily, for twenty minutes to … [Read more...]

At The Whim of the Muses

Some writer friends and I were talking about what drives us to write. We agreed that for whatever reason, we cannot not write, but the motivations … [Read more...]

The Next Step

In my post dated Aug 26, 2011, I mentioned a sequel I was working on, The Next Step, the follow-up story to the novel I’m STILL shopping, Best Laid … [Read more...]

Thinking Out Loud

On Choosing A Cover For My Book (the picture won't make sense until you reach the end of this post) I thought just writing the darned thing was the … [Read more...]

Best Laid Plans

Chuckled at myself this morning as I hit the “Save” button on my sequel, The Next Step. It will follow my current novel being shopped around, Best … [Read more...]