Only Child

I’m beginning to see the value in having been an only child for the first five years of my life. I learned how to entertain myself. I’m no … [Read more...]

Visual Feast from the Techno/Dino

My last Post spoke of a culinary feast. This one speaks of a visual feast. My stodgy old dinosaur-self, (who thinks that perhaps computers are just … [Read more...]

Journey to the Soul

I had a wonderful experience recently, deep in the Los Gatos mountains, surrounded by redwood trees. I met with two of my writing group members for a … [Read more...]

Just in case you missed it…

I know art is in the eyes of the beholder and is hugely subjective in nature—I’m remembering the large white canvass with a red square in the … [Read more...]

Art by Babies

Long week, short entry. Something I find immensely creative is refrigerator art. Have you noticed how your eyes are drawn to your friend’s or … [Read more...]