The Tin Man

My sister Sus, who lives in Connecticut, meets the most remarkable people. In childhood, as her older sister, I taught her to share; so I benefit from … [Read more...]

Art You Can Sit On

Art You Can Sit On I’ve always admired functional art, whether in clothing (kimonos, beautiful velvet scarves), dishware (hand-thrown one of a … [Read more...]

Spirit Expressing

Midweek update: In my blog dated 10/27/09, I mentioned that the month of November is dedicated to creative expression in its many forms at the … [Read more...]

Nature as Art

When it comes to creativity expressing itself, you just can’t mess with Mother Nature. She’ll win hands down every time. That said, in November at … [Read more...]

Isn’t It Great When Things Just Work

Short post this week. I’ve been pondering how a series of small events, each unique in its own right and perhaps not an obvious part of the whole, … [Read more...]