Ashes to Ashes

A handful of cousins will join my sister, brother, and me at the graveyard in our hometown this summer, to lay my parents—the last of their … [Read more...]


I’m genetically predisposed to be a words person. My mother collected words that fascinated her by their sound or spelling or unusual length. She … [Read more...]

I Probably Need To Get Out More Often

In a recent e-mail, my brother Bill writes, “I've been told before that I'm easily impressed.” I can relate, which weighs heavily on the nature … [Read more...]

More Bits and Pieces

Update: Occasionally I get feedback on my posts—I love it! Regarding my July 10 posting on Spirit Guides, my friend Nancy down near Los Gatos … [Read more...]

In My Dream

In memory of Jean M. Bidwell 10/2/24 - 8/9/08 Sometimes there’s a cross-over between dream and waking states. Where one ends and the other begins … [Read more...]