Past Life Regression

Whether you’ve had this experience or not, whether you believe it’s a form of creative imagination or brain chemistry in action, or just a lot of … [Read more...]

It’s Always the Last Place You Look

Well, how stupid is that, anyway? Of course it is; why keep looking after you’ve found something that was lost? I’ve never taken any comfort from … [Read more...]

On Mirrors and Metaphors

In a recent Sunday talk at the Center for Spiritual Living where I recharge my spiritual battery every week, Rev. Edward Viljoen retold a story from … [Read more...]

Let Me Introduce You

Let Me Introduce You I’ve written about how I receive or “catch” songs that seem to be traveling through the universe in search of a … [Read more...]

Writer’s Group

People often ask if I am part of a writer’s group. Writing can be an isolating venture, well suited for introverted types like myself. Writing, … [Read more...]