I’m Sorry

You know the moment, the one when something is over, but you won’t accept it. You say it was because the person had one too many bad things happen … [Read more...]


I woke in a cold sweat from a dream not long ago. When I'd worked my way back to consciousness, and was able to replay the dream in my head, I got a … [Read more...]

Jesus Gets The Good China

Having returned from a summer trip back to my homeland of Iowa, my mind is awash with memories of family, the culture I grew up in--the values, the … [Read more...]

Waltzing With the Azaleas

Rarely does my writing line up with anything current, nor do I write with that intention. This novella was first published through GLB Publishers in … [Read more...]

Life on a Seesaw

Stranded at the end of a seesaw, feet dangling above the sand, five-year-old Jason scowled. “Come on, Quil, let me down,” he said. Their eyes were … [Read more...]