Co-create With Me

In my post of 9/24/09, On Music and Miracles, I spoke about my journey as a song catcher/writer. In September I still lacked the skill to know how to add pictures to my blog. With every month, my grasp on computer technology grows about a millimeter (unless there’s a smaller measurement), and I now can add a photo here and there. Today I’ve added my recently finished song, If You Don’t Like the Music You Don’t Have To Dance. If you click on the photo, I think it gets bigger so you can actually read it, maybe even play it if you have a keyboard or piano.

I’ve been thinking about collaboration lately–not just with my “muse” who drops songs on my head like a pigeon with a sense of humor, but with actual people. YOU are actual people. Want to collaborate? I’m stuck on a song. Mostly I do minor key, dirge sort of Baltic sounding music that’s vaguely spiritual in nature. Lately, some bluesy, jazzy, cabaret sounds have found their way into my consciousness (see above).

The next song is similar, but the lyrics aren’t flowing. Want to play? This is creativity in action. So far I have a tune, and some lyrics. Again, the idea is that we are in charge of our lives, and nothing is going to happen to make things different if we keep doing the same old thing. I need an additional verse or two, or a rework of what I have. And I need a final Chorus with an actual resolution to this dilemma:

V-1: Sitting at the stop sign, waiting for the light to change.
Got my foot on the brake, waiting for my life to rearrange.
They say don’t push the river, and you can count on Fate,
But surely there’s a way in which I can participate.

Chorus: Just sitting at the stop sign, watching my life pass by.

So, if you’d like to lend some lyrics, go to the bottom of this post where it says “comments”, and click on it. If you add your e-mail, I can respond directly to you. This could be fun. I look forward to your input.

PLEASE try this: My sister sent this musical staircase link, and it’s one of the more creative ventures I’ve seen. If you’re not a FaceBook member you might need to create an account (which you can then close) to see it, but I promise, it’s worth it!